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Deciding to consult an infertility specialist is an important milestone in your journey towards parenthood. Depending on your age and personal health history, your doctor may recommend your fertility evaluation. The fertility workup checks your ovaries and eggs as well as your uterus and tubes. It is necessary that your ovaries are normal and healthy and that have a normal number of good quality eggs. In addition, the male also needs to have a fertility work up to check his sperm.

The initial consultation with your infertility doctor is a comprehensive evaluation of your history and medical records. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to participate in developing a plan for further evaluation and/or treatment. We strongly encourage both partners to be present for this meeting. Although there may be logistical, emotional, financial, or medical obstacles that cause delays or changes in your IVF treatment plan, it is our goal to meet your individual needs at every turn. Please feel free to ask questions, take your time, and voice your concerns. We are committed to partnering with you in your care and will do everything we can to make your treatment a success.

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